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Compare And Contrast

While in Jamaica we spent two evenings at each church doing outreach events.  On Wednesday we were headed to a new church after two great nights at another church.  The youth that were planning the evening had just come off two nights of successful outreaches where many kids came with their families.  As we ended each evening we gave an invitation to accept Christ and get connected into the church that we were ministering in.  Many people responded each night and it was an amazing feeling for each of them to be able to lead people to the Lord.

As we came up on night number three of the outreaches and night number one at church number two the plan was to go with what worked.  We would do what we had done the previous nights.  The bus ride to the new church was filled with laughter and joking by all as we figured that we were all set for the upcoming ministry that we would be a part of.img_2840

It was a nightmare.  The kids all showed up without families in tow and they all wanted to fight.  Not many were interested in listening and took every opportunity to run around the church that they could.  As one of the teens were sharing with the people I noticed a rooster jumping from limb to limb in a tree just outside the church that we were in.  This alone would have been fine aside from the fact that the church that we were in had no windows.  It was very much and “open air” church.  Throughout the whole time that this teen was trying to speak this rooster was climbing to higher branches and crowing louder and louder.

It struck me as the rooster was crowing just as it must have when Peter heard the rooster crow for the third time the following morning of Jesus’s crucifixion.  We had denied Christ in our planning.  We got cocky.  With the previous evenings successes we felt as though we were all set.  We were not.  Absolutely not…

I shared the revelation of the rooster with the team when we were back at our base camp and we each repented for thinking that we could do this alone.  We spent much time in prayer that evening and then discussed a strategy for returning to this church for a second night of ministry.  The bus ride to the service was full of prayer and reviewing of our plans.  It was amazing.  Their was a peace in the church that we had not experienced the night before.  The kids were not unruly.  The noise in the surrounding neighborhood was silenced.  The message of Jesus was preached and many people responded to the invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior.  

The rooster still crowed.  I noticed it in the tree outside the window while one of the teens on our team was sharing a testimony.  This time it was an empty crowing.  This rooster carried no weight with it.  Many prayers had been spoken on behalf of this night and this time we had God going before us as we entered that building.  The difference between the two evenings was like night and day.  

When was the last time you got cocky?  How were you humbled by running out in front of God?