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This Is Not A Sports Blog…

This is about where we find ourselves in the world today.

(to steal a line from Bono: “This song is not a rebel song, this song is Sunday, Bloody Sunday.”)

The news has been broken and apparently David “Big Papi” Ortiz  and Manny Ramirez used performance enhancing drugs in 2003.  I still am not sure why they try and water down the truth by calling them that – steroids, everyone say it with me steroids.  The talk of the town throughout all of New England where the 2004 season turned around history for the Boston Red Sox that had been in a World Series Championship drought since 1918 is all about the fallen legends.  Some are disappointed, others don’t think anything of it.  The bottom line is that there is a great blemish on that World Series win.

big-papiListening to the radio this morning I heard the announcer tell of how everyone does it now and it doesn’t discredit the World Series wins at all.  While in the locker room at the gym today I was part of a conversation where the same justification took place.  It seems as though the acceptable norm is now to do whatever is needed to get the competitive edge in order to win.  I know that the argument has long been standing about the example that professional athletes play for the youth of this nation and how new regulations need to be set in place but it doesn’t seem to matter.

The regulations are in place but the accountability doesn’t seem to be there.  What are the punishments?  When people justify the actions of those who choose to cheat by using steroids I think we have all been let down.  There is no excuse for it.  If the records are broken and set by those who cheat then the records should be wiped clean.  I see those who want to place an asterisk beside certain records signifying that there is a challenge to the record but I believe the records should simply be discounted altogether.  Remove the records that have been proven to be contested due to the use of illegal drugs and allow those who are actually using their God-given abilities to achieve the accomplishments.

There is far too much tolerance for the misgivings of others for personal gain.  I am all for grace.  I live out gracemannyramirez daily in my own actions and words.  However, grace is given when grace is needed.  The professional athlete’s that are cheating should not be given grace – they should lose their ability to play that would set an example for all to see that cheaters do not win – no exceptions.  Am I disappointed that the Red Sox have a blemish on their achievements?  Absolutely.  I am a fan of the Red Sox and was proud of the teams that won the World Series in 2004 & 2007.  But I am not a fan of setting a poor example.

This is not a sports blog.  This is a post about where we find ourselves in the world today.  I only wish that we could see a future of sports professionals that would be full of integrity and character.  We need positive examples not more of the same old cheats…

Set Them Free

My daughter and I were driving down the road the other day listening to an old Sting CD in the car.  The song, “If you love somebody, set them free” came on.  I was singing along and embarrassing my 9 year old…

The song line came on,

If you wanna keep something precious, you’ve gotta lock it up and throw away the key.

and my daughter stopped me.  “I’m precious.  If you lock me up we won’t be able to be together.”  Words of wisdom from a young woman…  I thought more about the words to this song and realized how much the song talks about our innate ability to mess things up.  Not only the things that we do, but the things around us.  The bottom line is that we can really mess up the “precious” things in our lives.  I lose my cool with my daughters some times – true story – and I ruin a bit of their innocence.  My reaction to them at times causes them to harden themselves to keep from getting hurt.  

If I want to keep them precious I need to lock them away in order to keep myself from destroying the things that I love most – I see this.  But I also see how that is a weak method of protection from myself.  Why don’t I do the hard work that is required to change my responses?  Why can’t I strive to soften my heart towards some of the mistakes that they make?  How can I have both?  Precious kids AND time with them.

We owe it to the people that we care most about to respond to them in love.  To correct with compassion and empathy.  I want to enjoy my daughters, not lock them up to protect them from a harsh world.  My responses to them can set them free with love rather than lock them up in heartache and pain.  This is something that we can all work on…