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Holding Fast


I’ve found myself so wrapped up in leadership and ministry books over the last few years that I have pushed aside any time for fiction or documentary.  One book recently grabbed my attention.  With my interest in mountaineering and my love for adventure I thought I would would take a bit of time to read Holding Fast by Karen James.

This book tells the story of Kelly James, a climber who lost his life on Mount Hood while climbing with some friends.  While the author, Kelly’s wife, spends some time outlining the life of Kelly and giving the reader insight into who he was as a person you become more and more interested to continue reading.  Through research and conversation with rescue workers Karen was able to piece together the final days and hours of her husbands life.  

The real takeaway for me in reading this book is the true need for community in our lives.  Without people to surround ourselves with we will have a much harder time making it through personal tragedies.  In addition, and even more important than the community aspect is prayer.  Karen had an incredible network of people around her that were praying for Kelly and his two friends who were stranded on the mountain in the middle of an intense storm.

To read of this tremendous loss and see how Karen has been able to make it through serves as an encouragement to me.  I know that the community that I belong to will hold me up should a time come when I face a tragedy.  The power of prayer is evidenced throughout this book.  Faith is a necessary part of each of our lives.  It was Karen’s faith that kept her going and it is her faith that will keep her going.

If you have the need for a good book during this winter season I would recommend picking up a copy of Holding Fast.