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Lessons From The Run v3

One of the greatest aspects of the Big Lake Half Marathon that I personally took note of were the people.  There were so many fantastic people out on the course that were cheering us on and getting us what we need.  It seemed like every other mile there were groups of people handing out water and gatorade.  At every turn there was a police officer, fireman, or paramedic directing us along the correct route and clapping for us.

water handoffFor me what was even more special about the crew serving to cheer us on were three individuals.  Kyle & Danielle Juza, two of our incredible youth at Impact, were volunteering at a water station.  As we passed mile 7 on the course I was feeling a bit tired.  That when I saw Kyle & Danielle.  They were yelling, cheering, and handing out gatorade to many thirsty runners.  When they saw Jeff and I approaching the cheers, “Go PK!  Go Jeff!  You guys are awesome!” were heard by us.  My legs felt lighter.  The pain went away and I had what I needed to continue the run (the gatorade helped a bit too!).

Jeff and I chugged along looking forward to the end of the run and soon found ourselves near mile marker 10.  Just ahead we recognized Cindy Towne.  Cindy had come out to mile 10 to wait for us and cheer us on.  Even more than that, she ran the last three miles of the race alongside us.  Cindy has faithfully served with Kim and I at Impact for almost eight years and it saddened us a few weeks ago to send she and her husband Jeff out to move on to another church family.  Her being at mile 10 to run the last portion of the race was an enormous support and yet another way that the Towne family has blessed me over the years.

In ministry we need people who will cheer us on.  There may be people who don’t completely get what it is that we do but they still love us and support us.  We need people like that.  As I serve the teenagers at Grace Capital Church there are many adults who could never see themselves connecting with young people but they love the fact that I do.  These people pray for the youth ministry, they support the ministry of youth camp with scholarship funding, they thank me for being faithful to my calling, and they speak well of the youth ministry to others.

We all need people like this that will surround us and cheer us on.  Maybe they will never show up at an event that you put on but they serve in the background as support to you.  Find these people, thank them for how they help you, inform them of things that they can pray for.  You will find that when you have people like this around you ministry happens more effectively.

Where do you find your ministry cheerleaders?  How have they helped you recently?

Lessons From The Run v2

In January, when I registered to run the Big Lake Half Marathon, I contacted a close friend of mine.  Jeff Cerow had been running for a while and had hinted at wanting to run a marathon at some point, so I knew that he was the one to connect with for a running partner.  One thing I knew right from the start is that I would have a hard time completing 13.1 miles on my own.  I knew that I would be able to do it but I also was keenly aware of the fact that it would be very difficult.j_krunning

We all need co-laborers to join with us to get the tasks done.  Jeff was more than just my running partner.  Jeff served as a constant encouragement.  He added a level of accountability to my running that I knew I would not have on my own.  By knowing that Jeff had registered to run I knew that I had someone counting on me being able to run the whole race.

As we began the race Jeff and I laughed and made comments to each other about how we were both feeling.  As the miles went on we spurred each other one to keep going.  I remember very well around mile 6 when I put my hand on Jeff’s shoulder and thanked him for doing the run with me.  I honestly don’t think I would have finished the run without his constant companionship on the road.

Gone are the days of solo ministry.  The team approach to ministry has been tested and proven to be the most effective model for ministry.  As we serve together we are encouraged, held accountable, and corrected when needed.  Scripture exhorts us to “spur one another on” and that is what happens when we are connected in a healthy team environment.  

The day of the race Jeff challenged me to go further than I thought I could, run faster than I thought I would be able to, and finish the race with my head held high.  The pride I felt as I crossed the finish line was not due to my personal glory – I won no award that day – but knowing that I was able to accomplish what I had was largely in part to Jeff running alongside me.    We all need partners who will keep us going when things get challenging, on the course of a road race or the course of life – we can’t go it alone.

Who do you have that spurs you on?



I like to be encouraged.  I like to be an encourager.

There are people in my life that I NEED to be around.  I’m sure you have those people as well.  The people that you just can’t be around enough.  The people that make you feel better about yourself.  The people who speak life into you.  The people who make you feel like you can be better, like you must.

I have several of these people in my life.  I make it a point to talk with them frequently.  Some of these people are local and I see them often, others are scattered across the country.  I cherish the phone conversations and emails with them.  They keep me going some days.

I am that kind of person to others.  I strive to be that way with as many people as I can.  I want to be one who is seen by others as an encourager.  Wayne Cordeiro wrote a book called The Dream Releaser.  In it he talks about having the potential to unlock hidden dreams that people have simply by encouraging them in what you see them doing.  I want to be that type of person.  I want to help others see their dreams become a reality through the encouragement that they receive from me.

Who are you being encouraged by?  Who do you encourage?