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Put Your Dreams To The Test


I finished reading the newest writing from John Maxwell,“Put Your Dream To The Test-10 Questions That Will Help You See It and Seize It” a few weeks ago but have held off on posting a review because I wanted to put more of what was mentioned in the book into practice.  In this book Maxwell gives the reader tools to use to evaluate your dreams.  The book is broken down into chapters that address different “measuring sticks” to discern which dreams are the ones that you hold onto and fight for all that it’s worth and those that you let go of to move on to what you should be going after.

I’ve read many books by John Maxwell before and this one I have found to be my favorite so far.  It is highly practical and applicable in many areas of life.  Rather than just being a ministry book or leadership book this tackles the topic of dreams and goals that we have for our lives.  We all should have dreams and goals so it is helps the average person reading the book.

Many of us have lofty dreams of changing the world or creating the next big thing.  This book gives great insight into whether those dreams are ones to pursue or dreams that we have created that will become a distraction to the things that we should be moving towards accomplishing.  With questions that help you dig below the surface of your dreams this book is a great resource for anyone wondering if they should grab hold of or let go of a dream.  I recommend this book to all.  But don’t just read it to say you have read it.  Make use of the questions and use the practical exercises to help you achieve your dreams.