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Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed

Went to Hooksett last night to see “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed”, a new movie/documentary by Ben Stein.  The premise of the movie is that any scientist that is a proponent of Intelligent Design is being ousted by the scientific community.  He built a case in the first part of the movie for this argument by interviewing many professors who had lost their jobs because of an alignment with ID.  While informative, this portion of the film could have been cut down by half. (I say this because I was one of 7 people in the theater and I believe that I was the most interested person of these interviews)  Ben continues along by interviewing scientists that hold to the Darwinian school of thought and does a good job of showing that they have very few answers about our origin.

Essentially the film was created to stir up the feathers of those who don’t ascribe to Intelligent Design. Ben created this film out of his own passion to inform the general public of the censorship that is occurring in the scientific community and his outrage for what is happening to the process of ideas.  

Throughout the film there were references to the Berlin wall being built to separate and then keep out ideologies that did not fit with the governing beliefs.  The film took a turn of personal emotion for Ben when he viewed and toured the Nazi concentration camps where hundreds of thousands of Jews were tortured and killed.  The connection of Darwinian thought was tied together with Nazism – with the disclaimer that not all Darwinian thought leads to Nazism.  

The film ended with an intriguing interview with Richard Dawkins, who believes it is his mission in life to root out the belief in God from all people.  There was a point in the interview where even Dawkins made the statement that the first cell to be created may have been catalyzed by another previous culture.  YEs, we evolved and it all began at the hands of an alien – who he then went on to clarify as a Darwinian evolved culture as well.  (felt a bit like we were running in circles)

Overall, I found the film fascinating but slow to develop and could have been cut down to half the length.  It did do a great job in showing the vast chasm that must be crossed in our schools when the issue of Creation or Intelligent Design comes up.  We as parents need to do all that we can to learn and teach our children about Creation because the schools will continue to teach Evolution only to the students.  As I sat in the theater with 6 other people (4 of them youth from Impact) I felt their frustration for paying $9.00 to hear a lecture during their school vacation.  I think at least one of them wanted to sneak out across the hall and catch Prom Night…