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Acorns Help Me


I spent part of my afternoon hand-picking acorns out of my lawn.  I could have raked them up.  I could have ignored them, let them get tracked into the ground, sprout a little oak tree in the spring and then mow them over.  Instead I chose to slow down a bit today and pick acorns, lots of acorns, out of my lawn.

In this fast paced, get everything done at once, I need it now world – sometimes we need to be intentionally slow and focused in order to restore balance to our lives.  It’s why I have recently been seen watering my lawn with a hose in my hand instead of using a sprinkler.  It’s why my daughter’s can count on me to read their favorite Shel Silverstein book at bedtime with all of my made up voices.

What do you need to do to slow down and regain true focus in your life?



Reading over at Mark Batterson’s blog today.  He gave a list of 10 ways to create margins in life in order to remain in control of a balanced life.  I happily read them, knowing that many are already in place.  Getting up earlier would be one that I truly need to work on that would create the extra time in my days that I need in order to make the rest of life happen.

How are you doing with these things?  Where do you need to work on?