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Time Out


I’ve put myself on a blogging time out for a while.  With my new son at home now and my workload increasing as I head into the winter months I want to be as intentional as possible about my life and the time that I spend with what really matters.

I’ll be back here some day.  Just not today or tomorrow…

Until then, enjoy your life!


This is a personal post for me today…

We’re in a perpetual holding pattern as we await the arrival of our new son.  Kim is ready, I am ready, the girls are as ready as they can be to have a new brother.  We’re ready.  It just seems as though Noah is not.  We have great anticipation.  I cannot wait to hold my son, to welcome him into the world, to teach him how to throw a football (I may be getting ahead of myself!)  The point is, we want Noah out and yet he must be nice and warm and comfy in the womb because he doesn’t appear to want to come out any time soon.


It’s kind of like he’s got a love/hate thing going on.  He loves being close to mom but the discomfort that he brings her (indigestion, cramps, bloating, carrying around a watermelon in your stomach, etc.) is something that you would only do to someone you hate.

I know my boy will be a joy, but right now… the waiting is driving me crazy!  Come out Noah.  Daddy wants to say “hello” to you.

Wild Things…


This film has been on my radar for almost a year now.  I am so excited to share this experience with my girls tonight.  Love it!

She Makes Me Smile…

…and maybe shed a tear or two.

IMG_4798My oldest daughter, Megan, had a school assignment that required her to write an autobiography and type it out on the computer. Since I am the technically minded one in our home I had the responsibility of hooking up the rarely used printer and getting her a hard copy to turn in for her class.

Before printing her paper I read through what she wrote. She knows exactly how to choke up her old man.

I have a fun family. My family is made up of Mom, Dad, Makenna, me, and a little brother, Noah (on the way). My mom is fun and cool she has honey colored hair and blue eyes. My dad is funny and he always has time for me. His hair is dark brown almost black. He has dark brown eyes and a few freckles. Makenna has dirty blond hair, freckles, and brown eyes.

I’m not posting this to get a pat on the back from any of you who may read this. However, may it encourage you to spend quality AND quantity time with your families. It’s worth it!

Daddy Date


Tomorrow brings the first Friday of the new school year.  Which also brings the first Daddy Date of the new school year that I will have with Megan.  Two years ago I was convicted by God in the amount of time I spent with my daughter.  I clearly heard God speak to me and say, “If you want to be able to speak into your daughter’s life when she is 15, 20 and 30 years old you need to start speaking into her life now.”  At that time she was 8 years old.  This will start the third year that Megan and I have had a non-negotiable, can not be rescheduled Daddy Date on Friday mornings.  I love it.  It’s on my calendar for every Friday morning and NOTHING is allowed to get in the way of that time with her.

I love our times together.  We spend time eating donuts, drinking coffee (she gets a hot chocolate) and talking about everything and nothing at all.  Some mornings we just watch the pigeons outside eating crumbs on the ground and laugh at how silly they walk.  Other mornings we talk about school, her dreams about the future, and what we might do that weekend.  The point is less about the conversation that we are having and more about the fact that she knows that she is important to me and there is nothing that will get in the way of our special time together.  I want her to know that she will always have direct access to me and part of how I communicate that truth is by spending this time with her.  It’s also the reason why our Administrative Assistant knows that if my wife or either of my kids call me that no matter what I am doing, their calls get put through to me.

This year Makenna also has started school and I am thrilled that we will now begin this tradition together as well.  Makenna will get Saturday mornings and we will most likely end up at McDonald’s for cinnamon rolls – she likes them better than donuts and I always leave it up to the girls to name our place of meeting.  I’m excited for this new year.  I am thankful that my girls look forward to this time with me.

My prayer is that they always will…

What I Missed While Unplugging

I was very intentional as I took my vacation the past two weeks to unplug and enjoy a simple life.  No Twitter.  No blogging.  No email.  No cell phone.  No social networks of any sort.  During this time I felt so in tune with my family and really connected with meeting their specific needs.  Today I entered back into the world of Twitter and blogging.  I have yet to catch up with my email (I’m dreading that!) but I have gotten up to speed with what I missed while being unplugged…


Twitter went down and some discovered that they lack the true connections that they thought they had with Twitter.  I’m constantly amazed at how well people think they are connected with others because they know what someone had to drink today (I’m drinking coffee), where they went shopping (OMG, can’t believe the deal I just got at IKEA!), or where they are at the current moment (stuck in a checkout line behind a guy who has WAY more than 10 items).  It’s funny to see how quickly people fall apart when they don’t know every mundane detail of others lives.

Picture 1

Apparently Radio Shack has hired some worthless marketing directors and they took the misguided and overpriced input and have changed their name to The Shack.  Yeah, that’ll make me go buy stuff their.  I love the tag line; “Our friends call us The Shack.”  Seriously?  That’s the best you can come up with?!    And who checked with William P. Young to see what his thoughts on the new name were?


Brett Favre is now a Minnesota Viking?  Didn’t he retire two years ago last year?  Was it bad enough that he went to the Jets last year.  Now he throws mud in the faces of every Packers fan by playing for the Green Bay rival?  Poor choice by Brett.  I guess the Vikings have taken a page from the U.S. Governments’ playbook and are going to start up their own Cash For Clunkers program.

I suppose I did not miss much at all over the course of the last two weeks…

On Vacation


The time has finally come!  I am on vacation thru Monday, August 24th.  In order to help protect my time my daughter Makenna is holding me accountable to shutting down so that I will enjoy the time off.  One way she is helping me with this is by controlling my email.  I love this auto-response that people will receive when sending me an email during the course of the next two weeks.

Picture 1

I guess that says it all.  I may post something on this blog during my vacation but I can assure you it will only be about a fun story that we create while spending time together as a family.

Enjoy the next two weeks.  I know I will!

I Learn From Others Who Look Back


I was reading Think Orange, by Reggie Joiner today and in the book the author gives a list of things he feels is important for his kids.  Here’s what he writes:

I have read hundreds of books, attended dozens of conferences, and had thousands of hours of conversations with parents smarter than I am, yet I am still amazed at how quickly I can lose perspective.  I recently sat down to summarize for myself what I want to remember, just so I could stay focused.  I am not suggesting this is a comprehensive list; it is just my list:

  • What matters more than anything is that my kids have an authentic relationship with God.
  • All my children need to know I will never stop pursuing them or fighting for a right relationship with them.
  • My personal relationship with God and with my wife affects them more than I realize.
  • Just being together can never substitute for interacting together in a healthy way.
  • A mother and a father are not the only adult influences my children need.

After I wrote these phrases and reread them, I realized a common thread ties them together.  They are connected by the value of relationships.  These are matters of the heart.  At this time in my life, all four of my children are moving through their college years and into adulthood.  As I review the past and look forward to what’s ahead, these statements seem to transcend every season of our experience together.  I wish I had written them down twenty years ago and thought about them more frequently.

The sad truth is that more often than not, we look back on our past with regrets.  We regret not being more available to our children, not making the most of every opportunity to speak with them rather than at them.  We wonder where the time went and how did they grow up so fast.  I don’t want to live with regrets when it comes to my children.  I’ve got enough regrets already, I can’t afford to have them with my kids as well…

In reading Reggie’s list I am moved to create my own list.  One that I will think about often.  One that I will put into practice.  My children are too important to not do this.

Punch Buggies & Tearful Daughters

Let me start out by saying this, I don’t hit my kids and make them cry.  I know that the title of this post could be misconstrued to make you think that.  It’s not the case.

2006-VW-Beetle-FA-1920x1440Monday we drove around town and the girls have taken to the game Punch Buggy.  They discovered the magic of this game about a week ago and has become all the rage when we hit the streets as a family.  I honestly think the love that they have developed for this game is based solely  on the fact that they have permission to hit each other when they see a Volkswagen Beetle.  We finished the day with a whooping total of 17 punch buggies and a few sore arms.  Kim even got in on the fun but forgot that this was her license to hit the kids and instead began hitting me.  There was a bit of an awkwardness with the people in the car beside us when I began yelling (in a joking way) that she was supposed to hit the kids not me.  t may have been appropriate for me to inform them that we were playing a game and I wasn’t just instructing my wife that it was okay to hit the kids “just for the fun of it.”

It’s amazing what can make my kids laugh.  I love it when we laugh as a family.  I guess you can say that it has become a family value of ours – laughing together.  You can’t beat it.

That’s where the contrast comes in.  Monday evening we dropped our oldest daughter off at Kid’s Camp for the week.  She being 10 has been looking forward to this week for about 4 months now.  Her younger sister, age 5, has not.  Being a 5 year old she loves having a big sister.  It’s incredible to see how well they play together.  I love that my kids get along so well and truly enjoy each others company.  So when we were leaving we witnessed sorrow and joy all at the same time.  Megan was very excited to be at camp.  Makenna was not thrilled to be parting ways for a whole week.  It was a tearful goodbye with lots of bear hugs from my little girl.

While I know that she was filled with sadness as she knew that she would be without her big sister for all that time I was filled with a profound sense of happiness.  I am proud of how my girls are growing up loving each other.  My prayer is that they would appreciate each other when they are 15 & 10 or 20 & 15.  That they would always remain close and that they would be a great example of unity to their friends for all time.

Father’s Day Parenting Tips

A friend sent me a bunch of these a while back and I have been holding onto them for just the right time.  With today being Father’s Day and me expecting a new arrival to the family in a few months I thought it appropriate to share with you all.  So, if you are expecting a wee one yourself, heed these helpful parent training tips.  It could make a world of difference for your child!