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How’s Your Customer Service?

In this day and age of socially networked consumers we need to ensure that we are creating great experiences for people.  Whether you are a business owner, manager or employee you have much to lose in this new world order.  Companies now crumble due to negative experiences that are shared with the world via Twitter, blogs and YouTube.  I realize that in my realm of responsibility in the church world is not a corporate environment but that does not mean that a negative experience at my church will not be shared for all the world to learn of.

Case in point, Dave Carroll, part of the band Sons of Maxwell, was traveling on United Airlines for a week-long tour in Nebraska when his Taylor guitar was damaged by the baggage handlers.  He brought his issue to the customer service department and was brushed off with indifference to his plight.  The saga of the broken guitar continued for many months and in an act of final desperation made a vow to the final person he spoke with that he would write and produce three songs about his experience with United Airlines and make videos for each to be viewed online by anyone in the world.  Here’s video number one:

Let’s be sure to create great experiences for people in each of our churches.  I would hate to think that there are any videos out there sharing a negative encounter that someone had with me…

What I Missed While Unplugging

I was very intentional as I took my vacation the past two weeks to unplug and enjoy a simple life.  No Twitter.  No blogging.  No email.  No cell phone.  No social networks of any sort.  During this time I felt so in tune with my family and really connected with meeting their specific needs.  Today I entered back into the world of Twitter and blogging.  I have yet to catch up with my email (I’m dreading that!) but I have gotten up to speed with what I missed while being unplugged…


Twitter went down and some discovered that they lack the true connections that they thought they had with Twitter.  I’m constantly amazed at how well people think they are connected with others because they know what someone had to drink today (I’m drinking coffee), where they went shopping (OMG, can’t believe the deal I just got at IKEA!), or where they are at the current moment (stuck in a checkout line behind a guy who has WAY more than 10 items).  It’s funny to see how quickly people fall apart when they don’t know every mundane detail of others lives.

Picture 1

Apparently Radio Shack has hired some worthless marketing directors and they took the misguided and overpriced input and have changed their name to The Shack.  Yeah, that’ll make me go buy stuff their.  I love the tag line; “Our friends call us The Shack.”  Seriously?  That’s the best you can come up with?!    And who checked with William P. Young to see what his thoughts on the new name were?


Brett Favre is now a Minnesota Viking?  Didn’t he retire two years ago last year?  Was it bad enough that he went to the Jets last year.  Now he throws mud in the faces of every Packers fan by playing for the Green Bay rival?  Poor choice by Brett.  I guess the Vikings have taken a page from the U.S. Governments’ playbook and are going to start up their own Cash For Clunkers program.

I suppose I did not miss much at all over the course of the last two weeks…

On Vacation


The time has finally come!  I am on vacation thru Monday, August 24th.  In order to help protect my time my daughter Makenna is holding me accountable to shutting down so that I will enjoy the time off.  One way she is helping me with this is by controlling my email.  I love this auto-response that people will receive when sending me an email during the course of the next two weeks.

Picture 1

I guess that says it all.  I may post something on this blog during my vacation but I can assure you it will only be about a fun story that we create while spending time together as a family.

Enjoy the next two weeks.  I know I will!

What Makes You Scream?

What are the things that you see in the world that make you so mad that you could scream?  What are the issues that come up that you would like to help with?  Human Trafficking, Clean Water, Refugees, Hunger, Poverty?  Each of these issues drive people crazy.  Sometimes crazy enough to actually do something about them…

screamThis is where you come in.  Check out and upload your scream picture.  When you upload your picture you will chose which cause you are screaming for.  As needs arise around the cause that you are screaming for you will be connected with ways to help.  Global Benefit are the masterminds behind this movement.

Global Benefit was founded on the idea that there is something that you can do in your town, with your friends, or at your job or campus that will overcome the suffering and hopelessness found in places of extreme poverty or natural disaster. And it’s not hard! Just take what you already know how to do, and do it with a purpose.

So start out now.  Go to and upload your scream.  Then share the site with friends, who will share the site with their friends.  As needs are identified you will be contacted with ways to help.  You can make a difference in this world.  You CAN do it.

You + Action = Change