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Punch Buggies & Tearful Daughters

Let me start out by saying this, I don’t hit my kids and make them cry.  I know that the title of this post could be misconstrued to make you think that.  It’s not the case.

2006-VW-Beetle-FA-1920x1440Monday we drove around town and the girls have taken to the game Punch Buggy.  They discovered the magic of this game about a week ago and has become all the rage when we hit the streets as a family.  I honestly think the love that they have developed for this game is based solely  on the fact that they have permission to hit each other when they see a Volkswagen Beetle.  We finished the day with a whooping total of 17 punch buggies and a few sore arms.  Kim even got in on the fun but forgot that this was her license to hit the kids and instead began hitting me.  There was a bit of an awkwardness with the people in the car beside us when I began yelling (in a joking way) that she was supposed to hit the kids not me.  t may have been appropriate for me to inform them that we were playing a game and I wasn’t just instructing my wife that it was okay to hit the kids “just for the fun of it.”

It’s amazing what can make my kids laugh.  I love it when we laugh as a family.  I guess you can say that it has become a family value of ours – laughing together.  You can’t beat it.

That’s where the contrast comes in.  Monday evening we dropped our oldest daughter off at Kid’s Camp for the week.  She being 10 has been looking forward to this week for about 4 months now.  Her younger sister, age 5, has not.  Being a 5 year old she loves having a big sister.  It’s incredible to see how well they play together.  I love that my kids get along so well and truly enjoy each others company.  So when we were leaving we witnessed sorrow and joy all at the same time.  Megan was very excited to be at camp.  Makenna was not thrilled to be parting ways for a whole week.  It was a tearful goodbye with lots of bear hugs from my little girl.

While I know that she was filled with sadness as she knew that she would be without her big sister for all that time I was filled with a profound sense of happiness.  I am proud of how my girls are growing up loving each other.  My prayer is that they would appreciate each other when they are 15 & 10 or 20 & 15.  That they would always remain close and that they would be a great example of unity to their friends for all time.