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A Pornography Apology

Apparently I stumbled upon the secret to getting people to read my blog.  Yesterday I posted a picture of the ultrasound that was done for Kim.  The ultrasound identified the gender of my baby.  It’s a boy!  Who would have guessed that if I posted a picture of a penis (fuzzy, black and white picture of what the doctor identified as a penis on my alien face baby) on my blog that people would come in masses to look at it…

Picture 1

Deep sarcasm here people.  Very Deep.  Of course I am not oblivious to the fact that pornography is a horrid plague on the interweb.  My prayer is that someone who found my blog looking for “something else” may have hung around and read a few other posts and were impacted by the message of hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.  If there were any who were offended by what I posted yesterday I would ask you to forgive me and at the same time enjoy the pure, sheer thrill of one man who has just found out that his third child will be a man-child!