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Baby Twombly

Well, the ultrasound has been completed and the verdict is in…


I’m told that this is a picture of my son’s penis.  Now, I’ve seen one before (true story) and I’m glad that we had a trained professional there to educate us on what to look for.  So, I am deeply honored to introduce you all to Noah Leavitt Twombly – or at least part of him – you can see the rest of him sometime around October 25.

Pray for my daughters – they’ll be sharing a bedroom!

Monday Morning Quarterback


This past week I was off in Anaheim, CA for the Annual Foursquare International Convention.  With my time away from home my goals of family time and all that were blown out of the water.  I was able to spend some time with the rest of our ministry team and I worked hard to encourage each of them to focus a bit more on their health.  I was able to get out and run a couple of times and kept my pace going well.  

One of the goals that I had for 2009 was to be able to increase the time that I pour into mentoring Next Gen leaders.  In order for me to do this well I need others who will continue to pour into me.  I never want to be giving away my left overs as I mentor young leaders and in order to stay fresh I need to listen to the many who have gone before me.  This was a great week to keep this in focus.  I had the great honor of sitting with Wayne Cordeiro at lunch on Thursday and was able to ask him questions as well as listen to him share on his thoughts of mentoring and equipping young leaders.  I feel truly refreshed after sitting with him and having the chance to be mentored by such a man.  I in no way place Wayne on a pedestal, but I do look up to him as a great leader.  He has a very high capacity to lead well and I want to some day be found at that same level.  I know that my time with him will greatly help me lead others well.  For that I am thankful.

On the plane ride I was able to listen to an audiobook “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath and enjoyed the way they addressed how to communicate ideas in a way that will stick in the minds of those who listen.  As I strive to communicate well I want to acquire the skills listed in the book so that my messages will “stick.”