Archive for May 21st, 2009

Hungry. Tired. Irritable.

And that is just a few of the things I am feeling right now.  It’s lunch time on day two of my Darfur Fast For Life and I am feeling the effects of going without food.  I know that what I am currently experiencing is nothing compared to what millions of people go through each day with no other option.  I have an option.  I have access to clean water and a roof to sleep under. I have a bed. In this fast I was hoping to join in solidarity with those who are fasting without an option; and yet the hunger I have right now is nothing compared to the despair of Darfur. Robbed of dignity, robbed of their homes, these refugees are on the run from brutal violence and rape, seeking out any form of hope. The smallest bit of hunger that I feel this day cannot even be compared to the hunger that Darfur woke up with today: a hunger for dignity, a hunger for freedom, a hunger for so much more than simply food.r3781500817

I find it difficult to concentrate or focus on one thing for any length of time.  It has only been 39 hours since my last meal and yet I am finding my thoughts paralyzed.  The thought of school children trying to learn with the rampant effects of hunger boggles my mind.  My energy is low and I think of the families that walk endlessly looking for a source of water or worse yet, those who have to run for their lives to hide from rebels who seek to destroy them.

We can do something about this.  We can contact our elected officials.  We can urge them to act on behalf of the people of Darfur.  Each of us can call 1-800-GENOCIDE and be connected directly to your elected officials for free. All you need is your zip code.  The hotline will provide you with up-to-date talking points related to current Darfur legislation and other actions your elected officials can take to help end the genocide. Call today and make Darfur a top priority for your representative, senators and the White House.

I can’t help but think back to the events that unfolded 15 years ago in Rwanda and how little was known about and done to stop the genocide that took place.  This is today.  A genocide is occurring.  We can act, we can speak up, we can make a difference and end this now.  I don’t want the history books that are yet to be written to record the fact that my generation let the same thing happen as the generation before us.  

Join me and take action on behalf of Darfur.