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Lessons From The Run v1

Towards the end of December I came up with a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish throughout 2009.  The goals had a few key components in mind.  I wanted to lose some weight so a few physical challenges were tossed into the mix.  One of the physical challenges was to run a half marathon.  That’s 13.1 miles of running.  In order to get to the point where this would be a feasible goal I needed to train.  I spent just over four months gearing up for this run.  In those months I worked on building up my stamina and endurance.

We need to train in order to finish the race.treadmill

The fear that I had going into the race was that I would get swept up in the excitement of the start and take off too fast.  In order to avoid this from happening I hung towards the back of the pack.  I’ve been involved in many races in my younger years so I was well aware of how fast people take off and I did not want to have someone set a pace for me that I could not maintain over the course of the 13.1 miles.  By hanging back I was able to establish my run and keep the speed that I needed to hold in order to have the needed energy to finish the run well.  I didn’t want to get to mile 12 and have nothing left in me.

Training is essential for any athlete but I believe to translates to ministry as well.  We must spend the needed time in God’s Word to grow personally before we can try and offer others help.  We each need to be part of a daily feeding program where we are being equipped by the Holy Spirit through the Bible.  By spending time reading the Bible each day and journaling on what we read we are able to grow in wisdom and in knowledge of who God is.  Even more, we are able to allow the Holy Spirit work in our personal lives and bring about change that is needed within us.  It is the Holy Spirit that convicts us as we read of how we should be living and it is the Holy Spirit that brings this correction in love.  

The more time we put into our daily “training sessions” with God the more we will be able to handle all of the curves that are thrown our way.  These times of training help us with endurance and stamina so that we can finish our lives well.  Rather then running for a season and then losing steam and failing we are able to go for the long haul and finish strong.  Pastor Peter made a great few examples this past Sunday.  

“We spend more time of Facebook that we do on our faces in front of God.”

This statement resonated in me because there are many times when I can get caught up in checking my email, sending a text message, twittering to a friend, or checking my Facebook and I lose track of time.  Now, I try and spend the first moments of my day with God as I journal through what I am reading in the Bible but there are days when I have done this and then just lost my pace.  I have fallen victim to the time suck of the interweb.  Many of us do this.  It’s not too late.  We can make mid course corrections that will help us stay on track.  We can finish well.  But we have to spend the necessary time training in order to make it.

Where do you need to regain focus in your life?  What needs a bit more attention than it has gotten?  What training do you need to get started on?