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Lessons From The Run


I’ll be posting a complete series this week called Lessons From The Run.  These will be observations that I have made while reflecting on Saturday’s half-marathon that I ran.  This series will begin Tuesday and go through Friday.  

Check back often and feel free to comment.

Sexy People


I ran across this website when searching for a bad high school senior photo.  Apparently this is the place where all bad photos go to be immortalized forever.  Hopefully none of you find any old pictures of yourself on this site.  It is, however, a great website to visit if you are feeling bad about your most recent haircut.


Monday Morning Quarterback


Here’s how the goals are going:

  • Time with family: This was a great week with the kids.  We spent some good moments together.  It was quality time more than it was quantity time because it was a busy week for me but we had some really good conversations and lots of laughs.
  • Exercising: This week was the culmination of 4 months of training.  Saturday I ran my first half marathon and felt great doing it.  Even though I had been having troubles with shin splints I never experienced any pain throughout the complete race.  My time for the 13.1 miles was 2 hours and 33 minutes.  We averaged 10 minute miles with a few walks to keep stretched out.  Honestly, I had such a sense of joy as I crossed the finish line.  It was overwhelming!  
  • Weight: last week – 195  this week – 193. I’ve got to attribute the additional 2 pounds of weight loss to the 13 miles I ran on Saturday.  I’ll be looking to maintain the 195 weight because that is what I am comfortable with and I feel good at this weight.
  • Read Two Books Per Week:  This week I read The Monkey and The Fish by Dave Gibbons.  This book discusses the idea of being influential in the third culture and what it looks like to do this.  I also read Mad Church Disease by Anne Jackson.  This book was a great read that I am able to really take to heart.  Anne addressed burn out and the ways to remain balanced in ministry and life.  I’d recommend this book to anyone serving in ministry.
  • Monthly Date Night With Kim:  Even though we had our date night last week we also had a special dinner as a family in honor of Kim and the fact that she is the world’s greatest mother.  We went down to Bugaboo Creek in Bedford and ate a great meal while the moose on the wall talked throughout our meal and entertained the kids.

That’s all for this weekly update.