The Culmination Of Four Months


I’ve been training for four months now all for tomorrow morning.  The Big Lake 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow and I will be running with my friend Jeff Cerow.  Please pray for me as I run beginning at 8am.  I know that I will have some issues with shin splints – I’m not claiming that, but I am a realist.  The thing that is worrying me a bit is the elevation changes on the course.  In the Boston Marathon they have a place called heart break hill that is about 3/4 of the way through the marathon.  Here on this course that hill is placed at mile 6.

I have no time goal for this run.  This is my first ever half marathon and my only goal is to complete the run by crossing the finish line.  A good friend gave me some great advice last week and it will be the mentality that I run with.  She said, “you are only running one mile, 13 times.”  I will keep that in mind as I run.  One mile done over and over again…

As I set some personal goals for myself each year I wanted to include some physical challenges.  This will be the first of the physical challenges that I accomplish for 2009.  I’m not sure where this run will take me for the future but I feel really good about being in the shape that I am in compared to four months ago and that for me is a true blessing.  The bonus goal that was accomplished through my training is that my weight went from 225 to 195 which was also one of my goals.  I love that!

What is a physical challenge that you need to set for yourself?

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