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The Culmination Of Four Months


I’ve been training for four months now all for tomorrow morning.  The Big Lake 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow and I will be running with my friend Jeff Cerow.  Please pray for me as I run beginning at 8am.  I know that I will have some issues with shin splints – I’m not claiming that, but I am a realist.  The thing that is worrying me a bit is the elevation changes on the course.  In the Boston Marathon they have a place called heart break hill that is about 3/4 of the way through the marathon.  Here on this course that hill is placed at mile 6.

I have no time goal for this run.  This is my first ever half marathon and my only goal is to complete the run by crossing the finish line.  A good friend gave me some great advice last week and it will be the mentality that I run with.  She said, “you are only running one mile, 13 times.”  I will keep that in mind as I run.  One mile done over and over again…

As I set some personal goals for myself each year I wanted to include some physical challenges.  This will be the first of the physical challenges that I accomplish for 2009.  I’m not sure where this run will take me for the future but I feel really good about being in the shape that I am in compared to four months ago and that for me is a true blessing.  The bonus goal that was accomplished through my training is that my weight went from 225 to 195 which was also one of my goals.  I love that!

What is a physical challenge that you need to set for yourself?

You Belong


I’ve spent a few years on a treadmill reading these words on the wall in front of me at Planet Fitness.  I think about their philosophy and how it can translate to the church.  

A place where anyone can be comfortable.  A diverse community of people who are engaged together for a common goal.  A place where a lifestyle can be developed and matured.  

I’m not so sure that I would say it’s all about you.  Ultimately it’s all about God.  It’s often when we take on that attitude that things get all messed up.  But I love the line that says, “we are not here to kiss your butt, only to kick it if that’ what you need.”  We need to be available to speak into peoples lives.  We need to speak the truth in love and help people in their times of need.  Sometimes that involves a little butt-kickin’…

Overall I believe the church is the place where all people belong.  We need to create an environment where people of all walks can come together to find the true hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus.

Do you feel like you belong?  Why or why not?