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Monday Morning Quarterback


Here’s how the goals are going:

  • Time with family: What a contrast to the week before!  I was very intentional in getting out of the office with enough daylight left to play with the girls for a while each evening.  Makenna started a new tradition at bedtime and I now need to tell her a “made up story” each night.  I love it.  She hangs on every word that I speak as I get my creativity going.  She laughs and giggles as I tell stories about a little girl who can fly.  It gets even more fun when she gets to make up stories for me.  They usually involve a unicorn and a hungry troll…
  • Exercising: I got out to run three days this week and felt great each time.  With the Big Lake 1/2 Marathon just 5 short days away I am still not feeling 100% ready but a friend gave me some great advice yesterday.  It’s not a 13 mile run.  It a 1 mile run that I do 13 times.  All I need to focus on is one mile at a time.  I’m sure at some point I will focus purely on one step at a time!
  • Weight: last week – 195  this week – 195. Now that I am at my target weight I am all about maintaining.  Let me recount for a moment.  It’s May 4th and I weigh 195.  January 1st I weighed 225.  I have lost 30 pounds!  I feel fantastic.  Kim is thrilled because my snoring has gone away.  I am thrilled because my asthma has all but gone away.  Of course I still need to purchase some pants that fit me better but for now I just make sure I have my belt tightened.
  • Read Two Books Per Week:  Nothing.  No reading this week.  I caught up on a few magazines that had been piling up but other than that I really wanted to fill my time with my kids.
  • Monthly Date Night With Kim:  The girls had a birthday party to attend Saturday night so Kim and I made the most of it by grabbing a quiet dinner out.  We were able to sit and talk and plan out what we would plant in the vegetable garden this year.  After dinner we walked through a local nursery and found some Jalapeno Pepper plants.  I can’t wait for harvest season.  Salsa will be fresh and hot!
  • Vacation at the beach: We’re still trying to nail down a place.  The list is long and until we get to drive out to the beach to check out the houses for rent we won’t know exactly where we will be but the dates have been set for July 6 – 12 so the anticipation of a great week at the beach looking for shells and building sand castles is growing.

That’s all for this weekly update.