Where It Hurts


That’s where the pain is in my leg.  I’m discouraged right now because I am 1 month away from running my first ever 1/2 marathon and at this point I should be running well.  I’m not.  The other day I got two miles into what was supposed to be a six mile run and had to stop.  The pain has been increasingly worse over the past few weeks.

I’m sure you all want to listen to me wine for a bit more but I’m not going to.  Instead I would ask that you would pray for me.  I have 4 more weeks to get my training in and on May 9th I WILL be running 13.1 miles.  Please pray that my shin splints would miraculously go away.  I don’t know if you believe that God can heal like that or not but I do.  So keep the prayers coming!

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  1. Posted by Tammy Hardy on April 13, 2009 at 11:07 am

    Kevin- I feel your pain (or rather have felt!) about a month ago when I started running outside. It was the transition from treadmill to pavement. What helped me was to try and run on the hard packed dirt on the side of the road versus the pavement and shortening my stride a bit. Shortening my stride really healped!
    My husband and I are running Big Lake too- I will keep you in prayer.


  2. How is your shin split? Those new shoes should help?
    My knees have been acting up too… so i’ve been looking into getting a new pair of Pearl Izumis. They are awesome shoes.



  3. Posted by stuartdelony on April 8, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    I’ll be praying for ya bro…


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