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Number 3 On The Way

manneken_pis_boy_peeing_urinating_outdoor_garden_water_fountain_pondKim and I visited her physician yesterday and it is official.  We are 3 months into the pregnancy of our third child.  We currently have 2 girls – ages 10 & 5.  I’m praying for a boy this time around.  The girls just aren’t up for peeing on trees and I need to be able to pass on this skill to a man-child of my own.  I’ve given up on trying to teach my oldest daughter how to throw a ball (seriously, she throws like a girl)  My youngest daughter seems like she will be capable of riding a skateboard but still lacks some of the daredevil drive that would be needed to make it to the X-Games.

I want a boy.  I’ll be happy with whatever we end up with, but I want a boy.  Anyone want to join me in praying for an X and Y chromosome hook-up?