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It’s The Fight

I know most people who read this blog have probably seen this video before.  There was a time months ago when I received links via email from just about everyone I knew who were telling me I HAD to see this video.  I have seen it.  I’ve watched this many times before.  It’s powerful.  The struggle that the girl goes through at the end to get free from all that she has allowed into her life gets me every time I watch it.

About a week ago I was added on to our Youth Mission Team.  We will be heading to Jamaica from April 18 – 25 to minister to children and families outside of Kingston, Jamaica.  I say I was added to the team because we had a leader who needed to step back due to some serious back pain which led to surgery yesterday.  Tonight I attended my first meeting as an official team member.  They have been working very hard over the past few months on an amazing dance as well as the above drama.  It broke me each time I watched them rehearse the end of this skit.  Each time I watched the girl struggle to get free I was reminded of so many people who are battling addictions.  I am moved with compassion for people who are trying so hard to find freedom from these addictions.

This video reminds me over and over again that it is the fight that matters and WHO fights for us.  We can try and find freedom on our own.  We can try to break through the shackles of addiction but the chains don’t seem to snap.  Only Jesus is able to help us find true victory over the darkness that has a hold on us.  I know that some of you still can’t seem to find a way out of the struggle that you are facing.  I challenge you to give up and allow Jesus to fight on your behalf.  He will help you find true, lasting freedom.  Don’t stop fighting, just get a better coach…