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This Is Your Brain On Joy

Being a Youth Pastor that has dealt with and will continue to deal with students with ADD, ADHD, PTSD, and other learning or emotional disorders I found this book insightful.  The techniques and treatments described in the book have led to breakthroughs for many people suffering from a wide spectrum of brain disorders, from brain injuries to chemical imbalances._140_245_book33cover

I’ve read many books that were written by medical professionals that were far above my level of understanding.  This is the first one that was written with the lay-leader in mind. Although there is plenty of scientific information, the author writes with a keen awareness of the non-professional reader and manages to communicate without resorting to medical-speak. In this world of medical professionals that resort to science as the only truth it is good to also read a book written through a Christian worldview.  He relates stories of Christian people struggling with emotional and behavioral problems who thought they had spiritual problems. What a relief to know that their struggles were caused by abnormalities in their brains!

As the book title suggests, we have the ability to find joy in our lives.  At times I have spoken with people who have questioned their faith in God because they were living lives filled with depression.  They felt as though they had failed God because they still have no peace in their lives even while filling their days with prayer, reading the Bible and quiet times.  There are legitimate cases of abnormalities in the human brain that need to be discussed, diagnosed, and treated in order for a joy-filled life to be led for some individuals.  I would recommend other pastors and church leaders to read This Is Your Brain On Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin  to gain additional insight into how individuals can be helped.