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My Life Would Suck Without YOU v.3

So my last post talked about the theft that I had been involved in and the ensuing consequences that I had to walk through when coming clean about it all.  Jail was not fun.  Time away from my wife was not either.  But sharing with her the circumstances that led to me falling into this situation were even less fun.  Throughout the 9 months that I had been stealing from my employer I had been lying to her about where the money was coming from.  After coming home the lucky winner of yet another scratch ticket I am quite sure she was getting suspicious but she loved me and wanted to believe me.

The moments leading up to that conversation with Kim were the most frightful that I have ever had to go through.  I didn’t fear for my life – I can still take her! – I feared for my marriage.  I fully anticipated my lies to lead to the end of our union.  When we were about to get married she said to me one time, “never lie to me.” and I promised her that I wouldn’t.  So there I was with that broken promise at the forefront of my mind and the clock ticking away the seconds to when she would return home from work.  Kevin_Kim

The conversation was heated.  It was intense.  It was full of questions along with speculation of other things that I could have been lying about during our first two years of marriage.  I can’t blame her, nor will I ever, but it was brutal.  She ended up leaving and going to my parents house.  I followed her there shortly after and we spent the next few hours talking through a whole gamut of emotions.  There was quite a bit of prayer involved in that time.  I knew that God had spoken clearly to me that if I made things right with my employer He would take care of the rest – not that God would wave a magic wand and make all the problems go away – just that He would work through others to help calm, settle and realign our hearts together.

It took a long time for Kim to trust me again.  The journey of our relationship has had many bumpy roads but almost 14 years later our marriage is rock solid.  God has been faithful to us and has helped unify us again.  In that time we have grown our family and been able to share everything that goes on with each other.  There is hope for any relationship.  I believe it because I have seen it happen in my own marriage.  I can’t imagine where my life would be without my wife and I know that God deserves the honor for that.

My life would suck without YOU God.  My marriage would have ended years ago if not for YOUR intervention.

How has God worked in your relationships to bring about healing?