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My Life Would Suck Without YOU

I’ll be completely honest.  I find the newest Kelly Clarkson song with that title very catchy.  I understand that the song is not written in the context that I am thinking right now but it’s my blog so I’ll read into the song title the way that I want to.

I choose to see that statement, “My life would suck without YOU” as a cry out to God.  Honestly, as I look back over my 37 years of life I can see that the times I ventured out on my own and did things my way, life really sucked.  It has been the times that I have trusted God with my life that things have turned out for the better.  I could write for hours about the examples (and will over the next week) but for now I just want to prime the pump and get you all thinking.

How is your life better because of God?