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Seasons of Life

The Four Seasons

We all live through different seasons within our lifetimes.  This day I find myself feeling like one season is coming to an end and another is beginning.  I would call this a season of transition.  Not that I am going anywhere, I just find my focus being directed in a different heading.  I know many people have been in this season, and many more are entering this season.  I think how we respond to the changes is what makes us who we are.

How do you respond to a sense of change?  My first reaction used to be to run from it.  I like comfort.  Comfort comes in many different ways but for me familiarity brings comfort.  I have learned over the years that God has called us to live exciting lives.  We each are on a journey with God and when we allow Him to become more like a river guide on a white-water rafting trip we begin to embrace the excitement and adventure that He wants us to experience.  By allowing Him to lead the way He can point out the dangers for us and help us get through the obstacles.  He won’t keep us safe, but He will help us to make the maneuvers needed to bypass the dangers that can drag us down.

This morning the snow came again, it seems like in the natural the seasons are stuck but in the spiritual I sense a new season beginning.  I choose to embrace it.

What season of life are you in?  How are you handling it?