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U2 at Gillette Stadium


U2 just posted the dates for their new tour.  September 20th they’ll be playing at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  They will be doing the show in the round.  A complete 360 degree stage.  Incredible innovation from my all time favorite band!  No tickets on sale yet but I AM THERE!  

Anyone want to join me?

Monday Morning Quarterback


Here’s how the goals are going:

  • Time with family: This was a busy week with a few extra meetings.  Because of that we spent a bit less time together at the front end of the week.  The good news is that due to a slow weekend I was able to spend some great time with the kids.  Kim had several meetings this weekend so I had the kids all to myself.  My highlight was Sunday afternoon just chillin’ with the girls.  I got down on the floor and played animals with them both.  We made up silly names for all the animals and gave them new roles in their world.  Horses are now snoutles and they great at mowing the lawn and shoveling the snow from the driveway. (if only…)  
  • Exercising: 3 times last week to the gym. Total running distance this week was 24 miles.  I’ve continued mixing up my routine with the treadmill the elliptical.  Seems to be helping with conditioning.  I will say, the treadmill is wrecking my shins… I need to find a good stretch for them.
  • Weight: last week – 200  this week – 199.  I’m in maintenance mode.  My total goal is 195 for a final weight and I am just about there.  I’ve been working to slow the weight loss in order to continue a healthy pace.
  • Read Two Books Per Week:  This was the week that I chose to reread a great book by Wayne Cordeiro The Dream Releasers.  Along with this book I reread Visioneering by Andy Stanley.  There are some staple books in my library that I refer back to at least once a year.  These two books are a couple of them.  Such great insight in each one.
  • Stop Checking Email on Days Off and Holidays/Vacations: On Tuesday morning when my MacBook crashed this goal got much easier to accomplish.  It took me a day and a half to get up and running and added a butt-load of stress to my days but I made it through and the laptop is buzzing along again.

That’s all for this weekly update.  More next week!