Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter


This Sunday at GCC we will be hosting a workshop for Moms.  This workshop will focus on how Moms can help in building self-worth in their daughters.  This is so vital for moms to get right.  As a pastor there are far too many conversations that I have with teenage girls who are caught in the trap of appearance based identity.  Many of these girls struggle with self-worth because their moms do as well.  Maybe that’s you.  Maybe you struggle with looking a certain way to feel loved, maybe you feel as though you have to be a particular size in order to be attractive, maybe you crave food but know that if you eat what you like you will appear to others as if you lack self-control.

The struggles that you have yourself as a mother and as a woman will be passed on to your daughters if you don’t gain control and address these things with your daughter.

Break the cycle.

Find freedom.

Join us March 8, 2009 at GCC from noon – 3pm to gain the understanding that you need to be able to speak with your daughter about her self-worth.  The conversations that I pray come out of this workshop will be life changing for many.

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  1. Posted by Colleen on March 2, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    That was a very quick answer to my request/prayer :O)


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