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Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter


This Sunday at GCC we will be hosting a workshop for Moms.  This workshop will focus on how Moms can help in building self-worth in their daughters.  This is so vital for moms to get right.  As a pastor there are far too many conversations that I have with teenage girls who are caught in the trap of appearance based identity.  Many of these girls struggle with self-worth because their moms do as well.  Maybe that’s you.  Maybe you struggle with looking a certain way to feel loved, maybe you feel as though you have to be a particular size in order to be attractive, maybe you crave food but know that if you eat what you like you will appear to others as if you lack self-control.

The struggles that you have yourself as a mother and as a woman will be passed on to your daughters if you don’t gain control and address these things with your daughter.

Break the cycle.

Find freedom.

Join us March 8, 2009 at GCC from noon – 3pm to gain the understanding that you need to be able to speak with your daughter about her self-worth.  The conversations that I pray come out of this workshop will be life changing for many.

Monday Morning Quarterback


Here’s how the goals are going:

  • Time with family: School Vacation week for Megan which means that we had some extended times together.  Thursday she went to the office with me (which probably wasn’t the highlight of her week) and got to hit Dos Amigos Burritos for dinner.  Both the girls spent Friday with Kim and I working on some room remodels and were a big help.  
  • Exercising: 3 times last week to the gym. I also hit the slopes with the youth of GCC on Saturday night for some great snowboarding.  Total running distance this week was 23 miles.  I’ve been working on mixing up my routine a bit more in preparation for warmer weather that will get me running outside.  This past week I combined the treadmill with the elliptical.  Seems to be helping with conditioning.
  • Weight: last week – 199  this week – 200.  Probably the burrito and pizza that I had with the kids.  Either way I’m not concerned.  I did have to grab a leather punch to put a new hole in my belt.  My pants don’t fit me anymore – none of them…
  • Read Two Books Per Week:  I did a little Point/CounterPoint reading this week with opposing viewpoints on atheism.  First up was Sam Harris’s book The End of Faith.  Honestly, this book is filled with scathing hatred for faith and any take on religion, in particular Christianity.  Harris, an evangelistic atheist, comes off as a man on a mission with his only goal to remove hope from peoples lives.  My second book this week was written by Ravi Zacharias, The End of Reason.  This book was written as a response to Harris’s book and Zacharias does a fantastic job debunking much of Harris’s undocumented scientific “proof” of no God.  I feel as though this book will be a great resource for me in the future as I encounter others who doubt God.  While I know what God has done in my life and can share my story with them this book will also serve as a great aid in clarifying some of the theological misgivings that atheists use in their arguments.
  • Stop Checking Email on Days Off and Holidays/Vacations: Still a work in progress on this one as there were a few vacations in the office this week and some things that needed to be addressed via email that fell outside of my office hours.  Overall I think I checked my email fewer times this week and was very productive, just wasn’t very regular in when I checked it.

That’s all for this weekly update.  More next week!