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I’m not sure why this bugs me so much.  Just want to rant for a brief moment of time.  

There’s this guy at the gym who showers after working out and prefers to drip dry rather than using a towel.  After air drying for the appropriate amount of time he then creates great clouds of smoke throughout the locker room with this powder that he pours out over his feet.  It would be one thing if he had his own little private space.  He seems to invade everyone’s personal bubble in the locker room.  He’s like a big dog that you let come into your house during a heavy rainfall.  Water is everywhere and then the baby powder goes flying…   I actually think he is oblivious to the invasion of space.  Either that or he just doesn’t care – I prefer to think he is just oblivious.  

Why does it bug me so much?  Is there something that I need to work on?

What are the things that annoy you?