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Facebook Friends vs Real Friends


Social networks are all the rage right now.  It seems everywhere I go I hear people talking about a new “friend” that they accepted on Facebook.  Heck, my mom has a Facebook!  Over the past few months my friend list has grown tremendously.  I have been reconnecting with old friends from college and high school.  I do not strive to have an incredibly large friend list.  I’m the type of person who cares deeply about the people and I like to actually know the people that I am friends with.

While these friends are great and it is nice to know that Bill is doing well out in Utah and everyone needs to know that Jenna misses her cell phone there also seems a bit of disconnection that occurs through these friendships.  We keep each other at safe distances and reveal as much as we want to online and yet never actually spend time with our “friends” any more.  It seems as though these friendships need to be changed.

I write this after having spent the day snowboarding with Scott Campbell and Matt Trottier.  Scott & I went to school together junior high through college and Matt and I grew up together from elementary school through high school.  I have seen Scott every so often – we both agree not enough, and it has literally been almost 20 years since I last got together with Matt.  Today we spent the day on the slopes catching up with each other.  It was so refreshing to see each other and spend a great day reconnecting.  We plan on doing this much more often.  Matt even wants to work together with me to use Facebook to recruit more old high school friends to another day on the slopes.

This all raises the question, what are you doing to connect with friends outside of the safety of your computer screen?  

Monday Morning Quarterback


Here’s how the goals are going:

  • Time with family: Doing well.  Had a great time with the kids – even played “little pet shops” with the kids one day.  Family dinners are really cherished by me as that is a time when we get to reconnect and catch up on the events of the day.  
  • Exercising: 3 times last week. Another long distance day on Monday with 9.5 miles.  All together I cleared 20 miles last week. 
  • Weight: last week – 203  this week – 200.  Another 3 pounds!  I’m actually getting comments from friends now that I am looking thinner and have inspired a few people to get back on track.  Total lost so far is 15 pounds and I am proud of that!
  • Monthly Date Night with Kim:  I know it may seem cliche but we went out for Valentines Day dinner.  The youth at our church were doing a fundraiser for a mission trip to Jamaica so it worked great for me with arranging a babysitter.  Dinner was great and we are feeling even more well connected than ever.  Our conversations have been fantastic when we make the time to be together.  I love my wife and these date nights have been incredible to keep us growing together.
  • Read Two Books Per Week:  I re-read Next Generation Leader – this is one that I pull from my bookshelf yearly.  Great insight that I can always draw from.  I did not get to a second book this week though.  Kim and I spent a bit more time in front of the tube – I’ll never give up on Heroes or The Office – sorry!
  • Stop Checking Email on Days Off and Holidays/Vacations:  Still going well.  This truly has become a structured safety net for me in valuing my time with family.  I know that I am greatly appreciating the time with my kids and I think they feel the same way!

That’s all for this weekly update.  More next week!