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I was informed by some of the youth this past week that this is officially Facial Hair February.  Since I missed out on noSHAvember and  Manuary I thought I’d jump in with both feet…


I Love Prayer


I get a weekly email from Foursquare that gives a little write up on a devotional thought and then a listing of specific people to pray for in different roles within Foursquare.  I was excited to see this weeks email as I was one of the people listed to be praying for.  I love prayer!  I love the thought that leaders from around the nation are praying for me and my wife this week.

Do you have a group of people that pray for you regularly?  Isn’t it about time you recruit some to do that?

More Porn Talk


After yesterday’s post about a new filter for the iPhone and iPod Touch I received quite a bit of emails about the topic.  I know that this is a growing problem.  A friend and blogger, Brad Ruggles, addresses this from a different angle today.  Check it out.