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How Long Can You Hold It Together?

Anne Jackson posted this on her blog the other day.  She made it to 1:56.  I lost it around 1:40.  Such a powerful video.  One that I can’t watch and then walk away from.  This is why I so desire to see clean water wells drilled in Rwanda.  Clean water won’t solve some of the issues mentioned in this video but it will increase the quality of life for thousands.

How long can you hold it together watching this story?  May you be broken and moved to action…

Monday Morning Quarterback


This was a fantastic week!  I really enjoyed life and ministry this week.  While there were some tough times towards the end of the week with the news of a pastor friend of mine, David Wright, passing away Friday morning due to a heart attack.  Dave was 62 and was an amazingly loving man.  I always felt better about myself when I had a chance to speak with him.  He was the kind of guy who could encourage you to do just about anything if he felt that God was behind it.  He will be greatly missed.  In addition to this news, the same morning I got the word that a 14 year old student, who had attended our youth ministry a few times over the past years, had passed away due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  This weekend carried with it some times of great prayer with students that knew this young man.  We’ll be having a memorial service this week on Wednesday and I know that day will require intense prayer.  There are many hurting students asking real tough questions right now…

I think it’s the amount of time that I have been spending with God in my journaling and quiet times that have really helped me remain focused and strong through these times.  I am grateful for just how faithful He is to be strong when we are weak.

Here’s how the goals are going:

  • Time with family: Had a rough start to the week with a stomach bug that kept me in bed all day Monday.  Makenna did find a few opportunities to come and play nurse for me which was very sweet.  Tuesday I was back up to speed and had fun times with the girls the rest of the week.  We had a snow day on Wednesday so it was extra time at home playing with the girls and snow blowing the driveway- I know that doesn’t sound like fun but when you have 2 girls on the edge of the driveway playing “get hit by the snow that dad is sending flying at high speeds towards us” it can be a blast!  We laugh a lot together.
  • Exercising: 2 times last week due to being under the weather on Monday.  11 miles total for my running.  
  • Weight: last week – 210  this week – 205.  Another 5 pounds!  I actually have to put a new hole in my belt because I have moved in 2 belt sizes but don’t want to let go of my belt.  It’s my favorite!
  • Monthly Date Night with Kim:  We went out Saturday night (yeah, the 31st – right down to the wire on getting that goal accomplished!)  and had a great time together.  The original plan was to go to dinner and then to a movie.  As we sat eating an awesome meal at the Common Man we decided to skip out on a movie and hang out.  I know this sounds corny but we went to Lowe’s and dreamed of the bathroom remodel we will do 3 years from now when our church’s capital campaign ends.  When you don’t have kids with you even a trip to Lowe’s can feel date-like.  We ended the night out at Borders sipping latte’s and reading magazines together.  I think Kim got a whole bunch of new ideas for our garden for this Spring so look out!  I’ll be working out there soon enough…
  • Increase Time Spent Mentoring Next-Gen Leaders:  I made a connection with the young man that I will be mentoring for the next 10 weeks and I am excited to get going with this.  He is from Eugene, Oregon.  The cool thing about this connection is that he had sent me an email a couple years ago asking about how I journal and I had mailed him a journal as well as a DVD of a teaching on journaling.  He used to live in the south so I was surprised that he was the same guy.  I believe that God has brought us together to use me to help him grow personally as he leads a group of teenagers at his church.
  • Read Two Books Per Week:  I still haven’t finished Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki.  But I am close.  I did, however, wrap up Same Kind of Different As Me. Which is an amazing story of how God can bring people together from opposite sides of the tracks.  Great read and inspiring to me in reaching out to those who are not “just like me” in appearance or status. 
  • Stop Checking Email on Days Off and Holidays/Vacations:  I refuse to check my emails on Saturday, Monday, and evenings.  This has been so freeing for me.  I sleep better than I used to because my mind is not whirling with the thoughts of what I need to be doing based on the emails that I used to read before going to bed.  My times with family are more focused and I am more “present” when I am with them because I am thinking about my time with them and not on a message that I need to reply to.  Changing this pattern has been so good for me.                                                                                                  I also am keeping to the 3 time rule that I set for myself where I only check my email 3 times per day.  10AM, Noon, and 3PM.  I reply to the emails that I need to at those times and then get back to the projects that I am working on.  This has kept me focused and less distracted by the incessant inbox notification and my feelings of having to get “right back” to someone.

That’s all for this weekly update.  More next week!