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Thank You

Thank you!

Youth Ministry can be a thankless calling.  Thank you can be two words that you long to hear and yet it seems week, months, and sadly years in between the times that you hear them.  If you serve in Youth Ministry hear these words today, Thank You!  What you do so faithfully is vital to young people growing into the followers of Jesus that we each long to see.

There are days when I feel very appreciated.  But there are also other days when I have my resignation letter written and plans for a new job where I just collect a paycheck and leave my worries at the time clock everyday.  It is on those days when I need to go into the folder in my desk where I keep all of the cards, notes, and pictures that people have given to me over the past 10 years (yes, I have kept all of them!)  This is the folder that reminds me of why I do what I do.  We all need folders like mine.  A place where you can go to be reminded of the victories from the past, the lives that have been changed, the hope that many now have.

In the same way that I need to hear, “Thank You.”  I also am well aware that each of the volunteers that serve in our Youth Ministry need to hear it as well.  I began a practice of writing notes to my leaders a while back and I am reminded today of how they feel when receiving one of these notes in the mail.  We are all very busy and sometimes we can feel like it takes too much time to write a note to someone.  I want you to think back and remember how you feel when you receive a note out of the blue from someone who you have helped.  Now take those feelings and let them re-prioritize your schedule.  

I hear Youth Pastors and leaders complaining all the time about not having enough helpers.  This can at times be a very true issue.  My question to all who are reading this post is this, What are you doing to keep the leaders that you DO have?  Are those who volunteer to serve the youth of your church aware of how much you appreciate them?  Don’t think a simple pat on the back or a verbal, “Thank You” will do it.  If you value your volunteers let them know it.

There’s more that I could write on this topic but I think the point has been made.  I’m going to turn off my computer now and write a few thank you notes.  Maybe you should do the same…