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No Backing Down


I did it.  I registered to run a 1/2 marathon in May.  There’s no backing down now.  With me being as frugal as I am the entry fee of $45.00 will keep me on task.  As I set out with these plans I have begun to think of why I will run.  First off, this is a personal goal that I have set for myself.  Secondly, I just to be an incredible runner.  (Just ask my mother)  I could run for days and never get tired.  However, I also found running very boring.  So I quit.  Over the years I have lost my stamina.  I’m working to get it back.  I’ve been running regularly now (3x per week) and need to set a goal for my running or I will bore of it once again.

As I was registering for this race there was a question asking “what charity will you run for?” and it got me thinking about a cause.  Something that I consider myself very passionate about is Clean Water in Rwanda.  So, here is where you can join me in my efforts.  Would you consider donating to make clean water available through the drilling of a clean water well in Rwanda?  Being a 1/2 marathon the total distance that I will be running is 13.1 miles.  Would you consider making a financial pledge for each mile I run?  Hey, I’ll do all the work on this one.  All you have to do is crack open your checkbook!  

Over the next few months I’ll keep you posted about my progress and fill you in on the details of the race.  If you’d like to give in advance you can connect with Global Benefit and give on my behalf to help make clean, safe, drinking water available to those who have none.