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I attempted something completely different than we have ever done at Impact last night.  The stage was set with a few candles.  The music was muted and slow.  The lights were dim, almost dark.  We spent a good half hour listening for God to speak.  No noise.  No speaking.  No music playing in the background.  Just silence.  Sheer, utter silence.

It was refreshing.  It was freeing.  In today’s culture there seems to be so much going on around us at every moment.  We are very well connected.  We get texts, emails, pictures and more on our cell phones.  We update our Facebook every few moments on order to let everyone know that “we just had the best ice-cream sundae ever!”  We are never disconnected.  We never turn off.  We fail to settle down or stop entirely.  We did a simple experiment.  For a total of an hour we turned off our cell phones, iPods, and anything else that may connect us to the world around us.  We sat silently, focusing on a few specific questions.

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What do You want from my life?

These three questions were the only ones asked last night.  We were not seeking answers from our own thoughts.  We simply sat quietly, alone in our own spots throughout a large room, and asked over and over again for God to give us answers.  It was amazing to hear the silence.  It was invigorating to hear Him speak.  Not that we heard an audible voice, but many have gotten back to me that they sensed specific answers from God for the questions that they were asking.  

Most times we can’t hear God because we don’t make the time to listen.  On average we pray more of a wish list and then move on than ask questions and wait for an answer.  I believe the message that I spoke last night, while extremely brief, was one of the most important I could preach.  We all need times to connect with the slow rhythms  of God.  To connect with the Holy Spirit through silence.  To ask questions and then allow time for the Holy Spirit to speak to us.  He still speaks, we just aren’t listening most times.

I’m grateful that last night we were listening.  I am thankful that many found clarity.  Tonight I give thanks that there were many who experienced rest, peace, and quiet for the first time in ages.  My prayer is that many will make this more of a common practice in their lives.