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Monday Morning Quarterback


As I have reviewed my personal goals for 2009 and have made them public for accountability purposes I thought I would begin a new Monday Morning post series.  Each Monday I will review the previous week to account for what I have done to make headway on my goals.  Here we go with week 1.

  • Trips to the gym: goal – 3 per week, actual – 4.  Yay me!  I have begun a break from weights for now and am focusing more on cardio.  Each day last week I ran 3 miles for a grand total of 12 miles for the week.  For muscle conditioning I am limiting myself to sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups.  I figure with all this weight why not use it to work my muscles?  Lemons into lemonade baby!
  • Weight Loss:  Two pounds.  Beginning of the week – 217.  End of week – 215.  Slow but steady wins the race!
  • Time with family: still need to work on that.  I have set appointments on my calendar to remind myself to leave the office in order to get home and have dinner with my family.  It happened a few times last week but there is much more progress I can make in this area.  Pray for me here.  I want this to be a top priority.
  • Daddy Dates: While we did get out of the house to grab a quick breakfast it was a late start and so we had little time for conversation.  I need to get to bed sooner in order to get the rest that I need in order to wake up earlier and get Megan out of the house on time.  My philosophy with the Daddy Dates is that I want to be able to speak into my daughter’s life when she is 15, 20, 25 and so on and I know for that to happen I need to begin now while she is 9 so that she will know that daddy is always available to talk with.
  • Sponsor 1 Rwanda Child:  Kim and I received a packet from Global Benefit that included many children who need sponsoring.  We are sitting down as a family to decide which child we will “adopt.”  I want our girls to be involved in this process to see the impact that they can have on someone halfway around the world.  Keeping them part of this process will also make it easier for them to understand when we have to skip out on spending in order to meet the monthly sponsorship costs.  I want my girls to learn the value of sacrifice.
  • Read 2 books per week:  Youth Ministry 3.0 by Marko and Downtime by Mark Yaconelli.  Both great reads.  YM3.0 challenged me in some of my thinking on Youth Ministry and at the same time confirmed that changes I have made in how I lead are the right direction to be heading.  Downtime served as a practical reminder in giving teens space and quiet time to connect with God.  I’ll be using some of Mark’s ideas in the near future at Impact.
  • Write a book:  This past week I did quite a bit of writing and kept myself busy with the Youth Ministry Essentials series on this blog.  Each day I wanted to write about 1000 words to get juices flowing and spark creativity within myself.  I did accomplish this but after reading Anne Jackson’s blog at the beginning of the week I am spending more time praying about whether the writing of a book is what I should be looking to accomplish.

That’s it for this week.  I am looking on my calendar this week to set dates for Kim and I to get away (I’m even going to line up the babysitters!)