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Power Returns

After almost 5 full days we have power back on at our house.  Kim and I have been so thankful for the many friends who have offered help and a place for a shower or a meal.  Here’s a photo tour of the roads directly around our house.

This is Elm St – our road.


This is Carter Hill Rd.


and here is West Parrish Rd.


All look familiar, as the trees all cross the roads and land on the power lines.  The pattern I see here reinforces my belief that pine trees are a waste and should all be cut down and removed.  Let’s just grind them all down and send them off to a pulp plant somewhere – just keep them off my power lines!

With power restored I am a happy camper as I prepare for Heroes tonight!

Disney Last Day

On our last day it was really special because it was also daddy’s birthday.  We went to Magic Kingdom and rode on all the rides that we hadn’t done before.  Makenna had Pepe wrapped around her finger and he carried her everywhere.  She also drove a car – not very well, with mommy.


We fooled around for a while and daddy said we were a bunch of animals so I thought this picture was fitting.


Lunch was special.  We ate in Cinderella’s Castle!  Daddy even got a picture with Snow White for his birthday.  The food was awesome.  Everyone called me princess or “my lady” and they kept saying, “my lord” to daddy – that was weird!


Our final ride all together was one that daddy had been avoiding all week but we got him on it.  Yes, it is a small world after all.


These last pictures were taken as we were getting home on our last night.  The picture of the pool is just here to make Miss Margaret jealous some more.


Disney Day 4 & 5

We didn’t have free wifi at the resort so daddy said I had to wait until we got home to post any more pictures.  When we got home we had no power!  So sorry for keeping you all waiting but it will be worth it.  We had a blast at Disney World.  I had the best time with my family!  Here are the pictures you have been waiting for.

My daddy is really goofy!  I had a lot of fun with him.


At Hollywood Studios we had Mr. Potato Head talk to us as we waited in line for the 4D game they had.  It was cool to go on that ride.  Daddy beat us all in the shooting game with a huge high-score.


We made it to the Tower of Terror and I went on it.  Mommy took this picture of me.  I wasn’t so glad to have gone on that ride.  It really freaked me out.  We fell 13 stories and it was dark.


We got to see the live show of HSM3 and they even grabbed Makenna out of the crowd to go up and dance with them.  She did some hand rolling as she walked around in a circle with one of the dancers.  It was awesome!


The next day we went to Epcot and met a bunch of the characters.  I had a few favorites.  Mary Poppins (she even said, “supercalafragilisticexpealidocious”) Belle, and Chip & Dale.