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Hostile Takeover


Hello, my name is Megan.  My daddy usually writes on this blog but he is on vacation this week.  My Grammy & Pepe are taking us to Disney World for the whole week!  My daddy spends too much time on this blog so I am taking it over this week.  I was going to write that I was hijacking the blog but with us getting on a plane in the morning I didn’t want us to get flagged by those TSA guys at the airport (my daddy isn’t the only one who can make a joke!)

So, next week if you come to this blog you won’t find any stuff from my daddy.  Instead you’ll find pictures from our vacation.  My daddy gave me his digital camera for the week so that he could see Disney World through my eyes.  This week I’ll be posting pictures to this blog that I take on our vacation.   You can check it out as much as you want.  I’m gonna go now cause I have to get to sleep (not sure if I can, I’m so excited!)  but feel free to drop by this blog all next week and see pictures of me having fun with my family.