Clean Water

While I am very passionate about being able to provide clean water by drilling wells in Rwanda I am not beyond supporting the work that others are trying to do as well.  Enter Equitas.  Equitas was formed in 2007 by Steve Cook to help raise awareness of the genocide taking place in Darfur.  After returning from a trip to Malawi the organization began a new emphasis in helping to provide food, clean water, and medicine to this poverty stricken country. 

Steve and I connected through Twitter a while back.  After reading one of his tweets I learned that they are selling t-shirts as a fundraiser to help drill wells in Malawi.  Seeing a picture of the shirt I decided to pick one up – not knowing that I would have the honor of being their very first online t-shirt purchase.  These are great shirts that help out a worthy cause.  For $15 you can get your very own “clean water” t-shirt and help save lives by providing clean water to the people of Malawi.  $10 from every shirt purchase goes directly to the well projects.  Not only did I get a new shirt, I became a t-shirt model on the Equitas site as well.


Check them out here and support this great cause.

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