People Spent, I Saved

Today while everyone was out spending lots of money on gifts that will probably be opened and unappreciated I sat at my kitchen table and reviewed our auto insurance policy.  We own both of our vehicles outright and they are not worth more than a few thousand dollars each.  With those two pieces of information I made the decision to remove our collision and comprehensive coverage.  With the deductibles that we were carrying and the value of the vehicles we would end up with very little to show for it from our insurance company if we are involved in an accident.


By removing the collision and comprehensive coverage I was able to save myself $343.00 per year on our policy!  I have begun to be much more mindful of the money that I am spending and wanting to ensure that when I have to pay out money that it is worth what I am spending.  I want to be a good steward of all that God has entrusted to me (which is all of my money because it all comes from Him!) so I am taking second glances at every bill that we have.  We turn off additional lights around the house, keep the thermostat down low, drive more intentionally to several destinations per trip in order to conserve gas and I only shower when I know I will see people I know to conserve water.  (That last one is a joke.  I have a well that costs me nothing for water and I like to be clean!)

The less money I have to send out to pay bills the more that I have available to help provide for needs around me.

Get creative with your money.  Examine what you are paying out each month and see where you can cut back.  With the economy where it is right now we can all make what we have go further if we look hard enough.

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