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Advent Conspiracy

With Christmas fast approaching I wanted to post this video.  

We all have desires for what we want for Christmas.  The bottom line is that most of purchase the things that we want or need long before Christmas comes around (I think that’s the real reason fruitcake exists) which leaves people wondering what to give us as a gift.

This year I am declining all offers of gifts for Christmas, as well as my birthday (December 12).  Rather than giving me a gift of any kind I would ask that you donate to Global Benefit in my honor.  The money that you donate will be used to drill clean water wells in Rwanda, Africa.  Let’s face it, I am a blessed person.  I don’t need anything given to me this year.  However, there are people in Rwanda that die each day because they don’t have access to clean water.  You can help save lives by drilling clean water wells in Rwanda.