Drink Responsibly


I’ve been drinking this new blend of coffee that I picked up at our Fall Leaders Conference a couple weeks ago.  The coffee is a blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans and it is roasted and sold by the Global Benefit Coffee Company.  GBCC is no ordinary coffee company.  GBCC is a side industry that exists to cover the overhead expenses of Global Benefit.  


Global Benefit is all about engaging this generation to do their part in overcoming the suffering and the hopelessness found in places of extreme poverty and natural disasters. We believe if we all work together, even if it is something small, the cumulative effect can be significant.  Providing affordable shelter, caring for the homeless, providing clean water, finding healthcare solutions, and ensuring children have the opportunity to learn and grow strong in their minds, their body, and their spirit, are just a few things we do.  It’s all about a life that touches a life that touches another life, and the ripple effect continues for generations to come.

My friend, Mark Warren, began this organization several years ago in an effort to assist missionaries that were doing such great work and yet struggling to raise the financial support that they required to continue their work.  Over the years Global Benefit has branched out to sponsor children so that they can receive an education, drill wells in Rwanda to provide clean, safe water to people who have none, and help fund AIDS/Selenium research.  

By purchasing coffee from GBCC you help ensure that every cent that is donated to Global Benefit for drilling well, sponsoring children, and assisting in AIDS/Selenium research goes directly to the need.  The purchase of this coffee covers the overhead expenses of the organization.  

Do you drink coffee?  Why not purchase some from GBCC?  It’s all Fair Trade and Certified Organic.

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