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It’s Not Your Baby!


Last night Pastor Peter shared with us at the Northern New England District Fall Leaders Conference.  He shared a message titled “It’s Not Your Baby” and it really helped me gain more perspective in all that I do.  For the last 10 years I have been serving the youth of Grace Capital Church and I love what I do.  My dream would be to be the Generations Pastor at Grace Capital Church fifty years from now.  This role just fits me well and it is where my passion is.  But it’s not my baby.  At any time things could change.  At any time God could call me elsewhere.  I can not allow myself to hold too tightly to my position here.  It is not what I do that defines who I am.  Who I am draws me to do what I do.

I find this message ringing in my ears as we are entering into a transition within our district structuring.  For the last five years I have served in the role of district youth director.  I have loved serving in this role and have greatly enjoyed the time that Kim and I have been able to lead at the summer camps.  The relationships that I have with so many from around this district are fantastic and I enjoy being able to share my life and experiences with them.  As we are transitioning there are many uncertainties as to what the new district will look like, who will be leading, and what I will be doing.  All of these unanswered questions have brought about a bit of concern as to who will be leading in the future.  Again, not my baby.  I am holding the role that I serve in loosely and know that whoever steps into this role in the future we will continue to have an incredible ministry with youth in this district.

Pastor Peter’s message brought about a new found freedom in my spirit.  I have known these things all along and have never tried to do anything to grasp at my position.  I feel very fortunate to have such a fantastic team around me that has the ability to run the youth ministry without me when I am away.  It is humbling sometimes to think about that.  Even when I am traveling and can not be at Impact – it still goes on.  They don’t need me as much as I sometimes want to be needed…  But that is the true measure of my effectiveness as a leader.  The fact that they can go on without me helps me see that I am doing what I need to be doing in raising up and releasing new leaders.  I would never want to see Impact fade and fizzle away simply because I was not around.  I want what we do to impact the youth of central NH to live far beyond my years at GCC.  I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon but if it ever happens I want to ensure that what the ministry that I am a part of goes on.

What about you?  Do you understand that it’s not your baby?  Are you doing what you need to be doing in order to keep the ministry you serve in going beyond your time?  Are you holding onto something so tight not knowing that you have already lost it?