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Your Money and Your Generosity 4

This post will conclude the series on generosity and personal finance.  As I wrap this up today I want to look at an area that few people find connected to our finances.

Most people, when talking about money, can get very defensive about how they spend their money.  We feel as though we have to justify our expenses as true needs in order to feel better about our financial state.  The truth is, all of these posts have little to do with your money.  They have everything to do with your heart.  Jesus said this:

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

Where is your treasure?  As a parent I love my kids.  They are my treasure.  I used to be in the school of thought that if I worked hard to earn a good paycheck I could provide all that they needed. If I provided for all of their wants and needs I would be doing just what I was supposed to do.  I now see that thinking as flawed.  Most times my kids don’t need stuff.  They need me.  My presence in their life is much more important to them than some toy that will end up breaking anyway.  I have become very intentional about creating memories with my family.  I want to be able to look back over the course of my life and see it filled with times of great joy with my family.  All that other stuff will rot, decay or break.  My memories can never be taken from me.

You may not have kids yet.  That only means that you have more time to get on track and set yourself up for the future that you desire.  Maybe you aren’t even married yet.  Here’s a hint guys – chicks dig guys who are responsible with their money.

By placing more of a priority on being with them than buying for them I reposition the condition of my heart.  I find a balance in my life and am no longer held captive to stress.  In the same instance I send the message loud and clear to my family that, besides God, they come first.  The joy that I get from watching my daughters play with my skateboards in the driveway is worth far more than the joy of seeing them unwrapping a present because it is something we do together.  Covering my girls in a pile of leaves makes us all laugh – feeling the pressure to buy the latest and greatest toy brings them joy and gives me stress.  By instilling in my kids the value of relationships over possessions I teach them a valuable lesson that will live far beyond my lifetime.

As a parent I must model to my kids how to be responsible with my finances and at the same time leave a legacy of generosity for them.  By instilling in them the value of generosity I know that they will always hold their personal finances loosely in order to give to those who have need.  By showing the condition of my heart towards money to my kids they will grow to have the same balanced respect for finances.  I love the Proverb that says:

Good people leave an inheritance for their children’s children

By living responsibly with my finances and teaching my kids to be responsible with their finances I have the ability to leave an inheritance for my children’s children.  That is my hope for you as well.  Why not take the steps that you need to get to that point.  Begin today by paying down debt, saving for the future, being generous, and living within your means.  You too can leave a legacy!