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Cultivating the Soil of my Soul 4

A continued look at how I go about my personal spiritual growth and how I go about some daily spiritual disciplines.  Feel free to read along and comment your thoughts.

From what my memory serves, we had several Summers on the farm that were very dry.  There were concerns during those seasons that we would lose the crop and have no harvest.  With the dependence that my grandparents had on the vegetables that the harvest brought the concern was understood.  We spent many days watching the skies for signs of rain as well as listening to the weather forecaster with great anticipation of the “r” word.  Sometimes it came, other times not.

There is a great need for water in order for something to grow.  Without water things shrivel up and die.  My spiritual life is like that in regards to the Holy Spirit.  Without the Holy Spirit guiding me and giving me discernment I would not make it through each day.  In reading the Bible I see where even Jesus was in need of the Holy Spirit.  As I read of the baptism of Jesus I see where, after coming out of the Jordan River, the Holy Spirit descended on Him.  The importance of this is evident as Jesus is then led out into the wilderness for forty days.

During this forty day fast that Jesus undergoes He is tempted many times by satan.  I believe fully that the Holy Spirit, active and alive, in Jesus was what kept Him strong during his physical weakness.  I, myself, have many days of personal weakness.  There are far too many times when I know that I can not do things on my own.  It is during those times that I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit in my life.  I know that without the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me I would not make it through the challenges of each day.  Maybe this makes me appear weak to some that are reading this, so be it.  I am strong enough to admit my weakness.  I am also smart enough to know where my strength comes from.

Keep in mind that this is not the physical kind of strength.  This is internal strength.  The kind that we need to endure the challenges that life throws at us.  The kind that enables us to stand no matter how hard the wind blows in the storms of our lives.  The kind that pulls us through the dry seasons in our lives.

How’s the weather of your soul?  Dry?  In need of a soaking?  Ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill you fresh today.