Cultivating the Soil of my Soul 3

A continued look at how I go about my personal spiritual growth and how I go about some daily spiritual disciplines.  Feel free to read along and comment your thoughts.

I know that I have some relatives that will correct me and speak to the untruth of the following statement but I still believe it is true…

Grandchildren on the farm are slaves for weeding the garden.  At least that is how it felt as we spent our days under the hot sun in the fields of my grandfathers farm.  I can still hear the echo of my grandmothers call to us, “Don’t step on the runners!”  The strawberry plants sent out these little runners that would wrap around whatever they came across to give the plant more stability.  We were careless kids in the garden and had a knack for stepping on them – my grandmother hated that.  We spent hours that turned into days out in the garden.  Each day a new crop that we would be tasked to weed out.  My favorite was the corn because it was easy to identify the weeds from the stalk.  I despised weeding the carrots and ended up picking more “baby” carrots than weeds most days.  Over time we all learned how to identify the weeds from the plant and became adept at getting the job done.

Things never change.  I still find myself having to weed.  In my effort to grow spiritually I have found great need for weeding in my life.  Through the course of my life there has been some bad seed planted in my mind.  It has been an ongoing process to identify the bad and tear it out.  Weeding never stops.  We all must take care to examine our lives on an ongoing basis in order to see what might be growing up in our thoughts.  If I am not mindful of what I think on I can very easily go places that I should not go.  I have a defense mechanism that I cling to called sarcasm.  I know it is not good and I know that I can quickly harm relationships that I have by using my wit.  I speak too quickly too often.  

It’s in drilling down to why I respond in certain ways that I can identify the weeds in my life and clear them out.  I am reminded of David as he cried out to the Lord, 

    Search me, God, and know my heart; 
       test me and know my anxious thoughts.

    See if there is any offensive way in me, 
       and lead me in the way everlasting.

That is where I find myself today.  I want to have anything that is growing up in me that is found offensive to be removed, to be pulled out like a weed, in order for me to grow in my faith and understanding of God.

Care to join me?  May the words of David be your prayer today as well.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by John E on October 16, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    I enjoyed all of the 3, for different reasons, and different ways to apply them in my life. I rather enjoyed the first part, because I remember the first time I came to your journaling group.and you told me that you pray that the Lord may show you whatever message it may be that he has for you that day. I have almost always gotten something out of reading the bible, but every time I say a prayer like that, the delivers a answer that I have been looking for clearer then I could imagine, and it blows my mind. I thank you for that simple hint, that I am very grateful for. As I said, I enjoyed all 3 parts. I will not go into detail because I just know you will have MANY other positive comments.God bless.


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