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Cultivating the Soil of my Soul 2

A continued look at how I go about my personal spiritual growth and how I go about some daily spiritual disciplines.  Feel free to read along and comment your thoughts.

Looking back at how my grandfather plotted his fields I remember that he practiced a system of crop rotation.  Each year he would plant something different in certain areas of the fields.  In other words, where he planted corn one year he would plant tomatoes the next.  I guess the idea behind this system was to keep the soil from being “spent” by one crop removing all the needed nutrients over a period of years.

Looking at how this applies to my life I see the need to change things up regularly.  I have found that I am not a good routine person.  If I set a schedule that looks the same day after day I get bored with it and look for other things to do.  I go so far as to rearrange my office with the seasons in order to stir up the creative juices within me.  I like change – call me weird if you must, I like change (but not the Obama kind of change…)

There are many places that I go to connect with God.  Some days I can walk in my back yard and listen to the birds sing.  Sitting here today in a crowded coffee shop with all the people coming and going I sense His presence and am refreshed.  Other days I need to be looked away all by myself with silence in order to hear clearly what He is saying.  God speaks to me in different ways in different places.  By changing things up I am able to hear from Him better depending on how I am feeling each day.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my personal spiritual growth is my responsibility.  I can hear my mother reminding me now, “You’re a big boy now.”  It’s up to me to grow.  It’s up to me to find the “sacred” places where I can go to better be in tune with what He is saying to me.  Spiritual growth takes work.  Finding the places that I can hear Him best took work.  I didn’t just wake up one day and know where I can hear from God.  There were places that I went that I was too distracted.  There were other places where I just felt out of place.  There were many places where I found I could connect with God.  I am not saying every person could go to these exact places and connect well with God.  It’s not that there is a thin space in the heavenlies where I know I can best connect with God.  Each person has different places where they best connect with God.

For me to find one place would not have been good.  That one place would have grown old over time and I would have become bored.  By keeping my meeting places with God mixed up I can keep my soul refreshed for the long haul.  Crop rotation worked for my grandfather.  It does for me as well.  As I move from place to place I hear fresh and new from the Holy Spirit and my relationship and depth of awareness of Him increases.

So where is good for you?  What are the places that you best connect with God?  Is it always the same place?