The Economy Crisis

I’m not an economist.  I’m not even the son of an economist.  But I do know that what we are now facing financially is bad.  I have heard from some who are looking at retirement in the coming years and wondering how they will make it happen now.  I, myself, have many years before that is a concern – actually, I have heard it said that ministers never really retire – we’ll see…  But I can’t help think that the financial state that we find ourselves in is due in part to our personal greed.

Yes, it is very timely right now to look at Wall Street and the bankers who allowed the sub-prime lending to take place as the villains.  It makes for great sound bytes on the news.  Everyone wants to blame someone else.  I for one want to take some responsibility for where we are at.  I have contributed to the debt load that this nation finds itself under.  We all have to take some responsibility for the state that we are in.  Many of our possessions are not needs, they are wants.  Wants that we could not afford on our own without the help of credit lines.  We find houses with not one television but one television in every room.  DVD players attached to each of those sets.  The latest and greatest, as well as the older video game systems, connected to those sets.  Kids with computers in each of their rooms under the guise of “educational needs.”

We purchase houses that are far beyond our financial capacity to cover in order to find happiness and grab are part of the American Dream.  We then become slaves to those houses with maintenance and upkeep.  What we sought to own has become our new owners.  We work long hours, sometimes multiple jobs, to make ends meet.  Families are living under the same roof and yet disconnected as they run here and there to earn the money they need to keep all that they have grabbed hold of.  It’s sad…

In Luke 21 we see Jesus making note of the widow who gives out of her poverty and not from her wealth.  Jesus makes note of this woman as she gives all that she has.  I find myself wondering about this woman.  Was this the first time she gave an offering?  Had she given in the same way before?  Had she been the recipient of God’s provision many times in the past and therefore knew of His faithfulness?

I want to be more like that widow.  I want to care less for my personal needs and look to be a blessing to those around me.  I want to minimize my belongings in order to free myself to be generous.  Yes, we may have an economic crisis going on around us but it is only a crisis if that is where you have placed your faith and hope.  I for one trust that God is also Jehovah Jireh – the great Provider.  Now I want to live like that is true in my life…

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  2. Made reference in my blog to your blog!
    Hope you are well!


  3. It would go a long towards helping his campaign if McCain would come out in favor of the FairTax!


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