Love Wastefully

I heard this statement quoted a while back and it has hung on me with great weight.  

Love Wastefully

Imagine what that actually looks like.  How would my life change if just I could live with that philosophy?  How would my responses to people change?  Even sitting here in my favorite coffee shop, what would change?  (ok, God is testing me because just as I typed that last line a older gentleman came up to me and starting asking me about what browser I use on my macbook – turned into a great conversation with he and his wife)  I think one of the biggest problems for me is my routine.  I get so wrapped up in the details of the day that I walk right by people that I know.  It’s not that I am ignoring them, I just didn’t even notice them (it’s that’s you reading this now, I’m sorry!) 

I want to do whatever I can do to be known as a person who loves wastefully.  I want to be known as one who loves greatly.  Whether it be in sitting with a teenager who needs someone to listen to them, making time to talk to a parent who just can’t seem to get through to the kid, a guy in a coffee shop who has many questions about his computer, or helping provide clean water wells in Rwanda by bringing awareness to the issue here in the US.  Even more so, I want to be known by my family as one who loves them more than anything else.  Again, I get caught up in my tasks so many times that my time with them suffers.  I owe them more…

May you love wastefully, and together we will make a difference to many who need to experience love.

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  1. Posted by Desha on October 6, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    I was feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated today, and this really made me stop and think. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, and pass right on by without taking those moments to pay attention and be present. Thanks for the reminder…


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