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Adventures of a Frisbee

I was reading to my daughter last night from one our favorite bedtime books.  A Light In The Attic by Shel Silverstein is by far one of the best books of poems written for kids.  Last night was “Adventures of a Frisbee”.  Great insight from a simple poem.  Here it goes:

The Frisbee, he got tired of sailing To and fro and to; And thought about the other things That he might like to do. So the next time that they threw him,  He turned there in the sky, And sailed away to try and find Some new things he could try. He tried to be an eyeglass, But no one could see through him. He tried to be a UFO, But everybody knew him. He tried to be a dinner plate, But he got cracked and quit. He tried to be a pizza, But got tossed and baked and bit. He tried to be a hubcap, But the cars all moved to quick. He tried to be a record, But the spinnin' made him sick. He tried to be a quarter, But he was to big to spend. So he rolled home, quite glad to be  A Frisbee once again.

Don’t try to be something you’re not.  Only you can do what God created you to do.  We’ve got plenty of wannabe’s, plenty of copycats, far too many fakes and posers.

Be you.  Because we need you…